On Friday, there’s a market in the main street (Passeig). It’s a great excuse to walk around the town centre and go to the town main square (photo).

If you like to walk, you will surely enjoy following one of the following paths in the municipality, that will allow you to discover the history and environment of l’Ametlla. You will find more information in the site of the Town Hall (l'Ajuntament) , that has signalised the first four paths. The fifth tour is described in the site of the Vallès Orienta'ls Tourism Board (Consorci de Turisme del Vallès Oriental):


1) Tour of the biodiversity and the monumental trees (leaflet)

2) The middle-seize mountain: (leaflet)

3) The humid wood and the fountains: (leaflet)

4) The farms (masies) and the refugees: (leaflet)

5) Tour of the farms (masies) and cattle paths (leaflet)


Cal Barber - l'Ametlla del Vallès (Catalunya). By Manuel Joaquim Raspall

Sight from El Serrat.

(Photos: Viquipèdia)


If you want more tours, you can also

walk around the area of el Vallès:

itineraries on the "comarca".